Thursday, July 23, 2015

Small list of ggplot2 examples

Hello everybody,

I didn't use ggplot2 that much until 2 weeks ago. Which in my opinion was a big mistake on my behalf. I think my train of thought shifted from
"I just want to plot something, I don't directly get what's going on with this ggplot2 thing. I'll just find a quick solution"
"Wow! Once you get the basic idea, the world becomes your oyster!"
Personally, I blame Matlab. I'm just so used to use a different function for calling each plot (do a specific thing with Input data), that I did not directly realize that a plot is basically (Input data) + (do something with it)
Once you get a hang for it, it get's really fun, because you often just have to change a geom_point() to a geom_smooth() to get a completely different thing - or simply put them both in a row!
Anyhow, without further ado, here is my tutorial-like pdf:


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Links I favorited about data science

I had a few weeks on where I used Twitter mostly on my phone. So I started blindly favoriting tweets that could be usefull. This blog post is mostly for me to curate all these data related links. If it comes in handy for others the better. I try to sort them a bit after topics... hat tips go to all the data scientists that show an immigrant like me some interesting things (too lazy to list them right now...)

General Methods and algorithms


  • R introduction plus text mining course -  @StatsInTheWild is probably my favorite twitter handle
  • dplyr tutorial - I still live in a dplyr less world. Which I guess I should regret every time I write df[df[,'Stat1']>0 & df [,'Stat2']>2,] - people might call that dumb, I call it oldschool
  • ggrepel: I finally can use the ggplot package for messy textplots 


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