Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Looking for soulmates (even though I don't believe in them...)

Hi everyone,

I was using hierarchical clustering quite a bit over the last month.
And two days ago I found this nice R-script, so I combined the data with my clustering.
Short info before it gets self-explanatory:
- Used all players that had at least 10 games and 12 minutes per game
- as the list is too long to show all the names, I will use subclusters where you can find the names
- tried to use minute normalized data (per 36)
- the effective field goal column is not used for clustering. I did not include any FG percentages in the end (for no real reason...)
- If a value is green, that means that there was a division by zero (mostly because the player never drove)
- If you have other interesting data, feel free to send it to me and I'll send you the figures back. Or if you have Matlab I can give you the code as well (probably should clean it beforehand...)

Without further ado (click on the figures to enlarge):

Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers,

P.S.: The Alexey Shved/ Stephen Curry cluster disappeared after I took out some values. Clustering can be a bit tricky... but the amount of Shved Pull Up 3s is still amazing

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